Kyoto Minsai Japanese Language School

Kyoto Minsai Japanese Language School's objective is not just to teach Japanese language but also to help understand the Japanese culture and way of thinking on their every day life, therefore they will provide support in every aspect of your every day life in Japan as well as your future.

Campuses are separated by the length of of your study, and the school offers a homely atmosphere with great support to make you feel comfortable from the beginning.

The school is located in the cultural and traditional city of Kyoto, which will have a positive impact in your new life.

You will also be able to choose among two courses, depending on your objectives.

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Key Information

Live and study in Kyoto, the city of tradition and history of Japan!

  • They offer two types of courses: Academic course (for those who want to study in higher education schools after graduation) and Integrated-studies/Business/Cross-cultural experience course (for those who want to obtain JLPT N1 or N2, find employment in Japan, etc.)
  • Preparatory lessons for higher education available, including Maths, General Knowledge and English
  • Small size classes to seize the course and learn at ease (max. 15 students for long-term courses and 10 for short-term courses)

School Overview

Course Duration

From 2 weeks to 2 years (student visa available)


2001 (long term campus)

2011 (short term campus)

Course Starting Dates

January, April, July & October


Long term: 428 students (16 classrooms)

Short term: 70 students (3 classrooms)


Vietnamese, Indonesian, Sri Lankan, Burmese, Chinese, Filipino, European, etc.


Beginners with knowledge of Katakana & Hiragana are welcome; from 0 level for short-term courses

Elective Classes

JLPT, EJU & Tea Ceremony (extra cost applicable)

Classes Schedule

From Monday to Friday

Morning: 9:00 - 13:00

Afternoon: 14:00 - 18:00


Every 3 months

Please note that this is an overview of the school. Do not hesitate to contact us clicking the tab to your right if you have any questions regarding its courses, availability, etc.

School Fees

Long-Term Course 

1 year: 858,100 JPY

1 year & 3 months: 1,050,775 JPY

1 year & 6 months: 1,240,550 JPY

2 years: 1,617,200 JPY

*above prices include screening fee 33,000JPY and admission fee 55,000JPY

Short-Term Course 

Entrance fee: 11,000 JPY

Tuition fee (2 weeks): 66,000 JPY

Tuition fee (4 weeks): 110,000 JPY

Tuition fee (10 weeks): 192,500 JPY

School Location

Kyotoshi Ukyoku Nishikyogoku, 69 Kitaoiricho, Kyoto-shi

10 minutes walk from Nishi-Kyogoku Station

30 seconds walk from Kita Oiricho Bus Stop

Located in the heart of the historic city of Kyoto, so you can enjoy all the opportunities and sights this city has to offer.

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Duration of studies
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