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JMW Personal Information Protection Policy

JMW LLC (JapanMeetsWorld, inbound brand Yappa Nippon; hereinafter referred to as the “company”)’s core businesses are the Japanese language education business and providing services for our customers' well-being while in Japan.

We are deeply aware of the extreme importance of appropriately handling and protecting the personal information of our customers and other people related to the company as we move forward with these business activities.

The company has stipulated the personal information protection policy below, and we declare that we will implement and maintain it by making the company’s board members and employees thoroughly knowledgeable about it. In relation to personal information handled for all business and the personal information of employees and others, we will comply with laws and regulations related to the handling of personal information, guidelines stipulated by the national government, and other standards.

For the handling of the collection, use, and provision of personal information, collection will be made by lawful and fair means, and the use and provision will be done within the scope of the purposes. In the event that a necessity arises for handling beyond the scope of the specified purposes of use, the individual will be notified again of the purposes of use, efforts to obtain agreement will be made, and the personal information will not be used other than for the purposes.

We will take reasonable safety measures and corrective measures against risks of fraudulent access, loss, destruction, falsification, and leaks for all personal information handled within the company.

The company will sincerely and promptly deal with requests from individuals to disclose, correct, delete, or stop using personal information, as well as complaints and consultations.

We will appropriately maintain a system for protecting personal information and continuously make improvements in light of changes in circumstances, social trends related to the protection of personal information, and customers’ requests.

Formulated: January 2019

Handling of Personal Information

The company will strive to handle and protect as follows the personal information that it is entrusted with, based on the Act on the Protection of Personal Information and the JMW Personal Information Protection Policy.

1. Definition of personal information

“Personal information” in these regulations refers to information related to a living individual that identifies or could identify a specific individual. Specifically, it means all information related to an individual, such as name, nationality, address, telephone number, mail address, date of birth, family composition, state of health, and grades, etc.

2. Purposes of using personal information

The company will use provided personal information for the purposes below:

(1) Sending materials / contacting the individual

(2) Obligations as an education provider organization (enrollment / selection, contacting graduates, etc.)

(3) For shared use within the company

(4) For other purposes related to the above

3. Provision of personal information to third parties

The company will not provide personal information to a third party, except in the cases below:

(1) When the person (the student or his or her guardian) agrees

(2) When there has been a request based on laws or regulations

(3) When there is impending danger to a person’s life or body and it has been recognized that there is an urgent necessity

(4) When it has been recognized that it is necessary to let a student’s guardian know about the student’s state of attendance or grades

(5) When overseas travel arrangement, a visa application, a flight arrangement, homestay or dormitory procedures, school enrollment, airport pick-up, or referral to a part-time job will be conducted

4. Shared use of personal information

The company may share use of entrusted personal information within the company’s group companies for PR activities, fundraising, participation in social events, and confirmation of safety and provision of information in times of emergency.

5. Consignment of personal information

In order to proceed smoothly with operations, the company may consign a portion of its operations and currently or subsequently provide the party consigned with its operations with personal information within the necessary scope. In such a case, the company will conduct appropriate supervision, including concluding an agreement about handling with the party consigned with its operations.

6. Abolishment of personal information

Of the personal information provided by customers, the company will abolish, in an irreproducible form, information for which judgment has been made, according to the purposes of use, that it will not be used for such purposes in the future.

7. Inquiries about personal information

In the event that we have received one of the requests below from a student about personal information that the company manages, the company will respect the student’s intentions and handle the matter as necessary within a reasonable scope:

(1) Disclosure of content

(2) Revision / renewal / discontinuation of use

(3) Partial or complete withdrawal of agreement already provided to the company for use of personal information

Please understand in advance that you will be asked to bear the actual expenses of postage for disclosure.

8. Consultations or complaints about handling of personal information

For inquiries about consultations or complaints about the company’s handling of personal information, please contact us at:

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Information Security Policy


JMW LLC (JapanMeetsWorld, inbound brand Yappa Nippon; hereinafter referred to as the “company”) considers that proper information management is an important issue, therefore declares the Information Security Policy as the company’s action policy for information security and will abide by the Information Security Policy and the separate Private Policy in order to ensure that the costumers are able to use the company’s services safely.

Scope & Applicants

This policy covers the information on all business activities under the company’s control (including individual information) and the officers and employees (regular, contract and temporary employees and part-time workers), and applies to all persons who use the company's information assets, including outsourcing contractors, schools, accommodation, etc.

Applicable Laws & Jurisdiction

The company will comply with various laws and ordinances concerning information security and other guidelines and norms established by the Government.

Information Security Regulations

The company will establish information security rules stating the basic requirements that are necessary in order to determine which actions and judgments should abide by the information security measures.

Information Security Management System

The company will develop an information security management system and implement unified information security management as an organization.

Security Incidents & Accidents

In the unlikely event of information security problems, the company will respond promptly and minimize the damage. We also will take the appropriate measures, including those to prevent recurrence.

Information Security Education & Training

The company will educate and train executives, all employees and outsourcing contractors to learn the importance of information security and ensure that information assets are properly used.

Evaluation of Information Security Measurements

In order to confirm that the information security policy and regulations are being complied, the company will evaluate periodically the status of information security implementation and will aim for continuous improvement.

Revision or Abolition of Documents

The revision or abolition of this policy is drafted by the Information Security Committee and requires the approval of the Board of Directors.

Date of enactment: January 2019

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