“I am very satisfied by the service of JMW (Yappa Nippon). You helped me a lot by guiding me to make the right choice, for the paperwork, my application, plan my stay and etc. step by step from the beginning.  

I studied in Osaka. Quite a change from my small town ^^. There are skyscrapers all over the place. Everything is huge but there are many nice places to visit, such as temples, parks… Once getting farther from the center of the city, there are traditional houses – always nice to see. 

Studies were great. I came back to France with a JLPT N3 level. I improved so much, especially my speaking skills. Before I came to Japan, I had studied by myself for a year. Yet when I arrived, I was lost. I could not express at all what I wanted to say, not even a basic conversation. J国際学院 is such a great school! Teachers are very attentive. They always help us improve. Aya-san is there to help us. She is very friendly and always helpful, for example to open the bank account, for the insurance, get a phone plan, find a place to practice one’s favorite sport and etc.! Also there are a lot of activities at the school or organized out of campus. 

My advice: “Don’t hesitate and just do it! You have so much to learn by living this experience.  You will discover so many things (gastronomy, history, culture, you name it). On a personal level, I grew up so much by living this experience. I am much more mature, more independent (it was the first time I was living by myself away from my family). Also don’t be shy and speak. It is no big deal if you make mistakes, you are here to learn and this is the best way to improve !”


studied in Osaka

“I was very satisfied by the services. Before contacting you, I didn’t expect to be taken care of so well.

What contributes to the quality of the service is that from the beginning a rapport of trust was built up. 

Kobe is a very international city, small and large at the same time. So many culinary specialties and a myriad of restaurants. People are quite welcoming compared to Tokyo.  Oftentimes people would approach us to discuss. When one can start speaking a little bit Japanese, the experience is even better.  

I was using the JR train to commute – train in Japan is so efficient.  The big plus in Kobe, I think, is being near the ocean and having the mountains on the other side providing such a wonderful view. 

Regarding the studies, as I was completely immersed in the Japanese language I could improve very quickly, more than I expected in just one month. I loved the school, the teaching method, the teachers’ kindness – the teachers are so devoted – and exchanging with other students. This school was without a doubt one of the best experiences of my life so far. Class was very intensive, taught all in Japanese as teachers can hardly speak English.

If I had one piece of advise for all those thinking about living this adventure, it would be: “Do it!”. You will get a real opinion of the country. I could discover many great things about Japan but also some not so great things. The bottom line is that I could make an opinion about Japan, whether I really like it or not – I am actually still in awe of this country!”


studied in Kobe

I was very satisfied by your services, in particular the facts that you guided me to find the right school, you took

care of the paperwork with the school and the fact that you were quick to answer and always reachable, even when I was in Japan. I also appreciated that you have a lot of choices of schools. It would have been better if I had had the information of router rental of the accommodation in advance.

J Kokusai Gakuin is a great school. I loved the program, and it went really well. Teachers are competent and friendly. Lessons are well-prepared, and lively too. My classmates were nice. It was easy to make friends. I would recommend that school 100% also thanks to Aya-san (staff) who is there to help everyday. It was comforting. 

In 6 months, I reached JLPT N4-N3 level. I am very happy because I improved beyond my expectations although the pace of studies was more intensive than I expected. Every day we learned 3 or 4 grammar items + vocabulary + kanji. One has to get used to that, but if you are into it, it is not so difficult to learn and keep pace. However, it is not easy to combine studies and part-time work. There are also homework and tests. I had to study at home at least 2 hours every day. If you work part-time, it affects your studies.  

I tried to make the most of my free time to visit new places, especially on weekends. Whenever I had the opportunity, I went to Matsuri (local festivals) not really to pray, but to enjoy the great food and also to understand the Japanese traditions better. I have always been interested in Japanese culture, food, Shintoism, tattoos. What I found most interesting was the contrast of Japanese society: how traditions are so present while the country is technologically advanced (though I was shocked to see that they use fax still now!). 

If I am to give one piece of advice to those who plan to come, “Save money before coming so that you won’t have to work”. When I had a baito, my days were so busy that it kept me from making the most of the Japanese lessons.!”


studied in Osaka

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