Japanese Communication International School

Japanese Communication International School (aka J Kokusai Gakuin) is one of our schools in Osaka where you will be able to study with students from many different nationalities. You will be able to choose classes depending on your future plans and receive personalized guidance throughout your studies.

You will also benefit from the group companies of the school in many different ways.

Apart from Japanese language courses, the school offers nursing care courses, business Japanese seminars and Japanese business manners necessary for working in Japan depending on your level.

If you like the frantic city of Osaka and are looking for more than just Japanese, this is your school.

Please contact us for more details.

Key Information

J Kokusai Gakuin offers a great variety of classes depending on your level and future aims in a comfortable institution. You can apply with a student visa or other types of visa to study with them. You should keep in mind the following:

  • Adaptability: the school offers a variety of courses depending on your needs and situation
  • Location: it is located in the heart of Osaka so you can enjoy the most vibrant city of Japan during your free time
  • Benefit from the group companies and clinic: job search, check up and etc.

School Overview

Course Duration

1 - 2 years (with student visa)

From 3 months (other types of visa)



Course Starting Dates

January (only short-term), April, July & October

Capacity & Courses

560 students (24 classrooms)

Day-Time Course, Summer Course, Private Lessons, Night Course, etc.


South Korea, Vietnam, China, France, Philippines, Indonesia, Sweden, UK, USA, Thailand, etc.


Beginners with knowledge of Katakana & Hiragana are welcome

Elective Classes

EJU Preparation, JLPT Preparation (others may be added depending on the term - classes available from advance level)

Classes Schedule

From Monday to Friday

Morning: 9:00 - 12:20

Afternoon: 13:10 - 16:30


Every 3 months

Please note that this is an overview of the school. Do not hesitate to contact us clicking the tab to your right if you have any questions regarding its courses, availability, etc.

School Fees

Long-Term Preparation Course

April (12 months): 800,000 JPY

October (18 months): 1,160,000 JPY

April (24 months): 1,520,000 JPY

Application fee: 30,000 JPY

Entrance fee: 50,000 JPY

Maintenance fee: 20,000 ~ 40,000 JPY

Tuition fee: 700,000 JPY - 1,400,000 JPY

Long-Term General Course

April/October (12 months): 800,000 JPY

Application fee: 30,000 JPY

Entrance fee: 50,000 JPY

Tuition fee: 700,000 JPY

Maintenance fee: 20,000 JPY

Short-Term Course (3 months)

With Working Holiday Visa: 148,000 JPY

Entrance fee: 0 JPY

Tuition fee: 147,000 JPY

Maintenance fee: 1,000 JPY

Other Types of Visa: 186,000 JPY

Entrance fee: 10,000 JPY

Tuition fee: 175,000 JPY

Maintenance fee: 1,000 JPY

School Location

School Address:

1-1-3 Itachibori, Nishi-ku, 550-0012 Osaka

2 minutes walk from Honmachi Station Exit 2 on the Yotsubashi metro line

School is located in Osaka, a vibrant city full of entretainment and culture that combines the new and the old in a unique way. You will be able to visit famous places such as Osaka Castle, Dotonbori, Osaka Museum of Natural History, Universal Studio Japan (USJ), and many more!

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Duration of studies
Duration of studies
3 months or less
More than 3 but less than 6 months
More than 6 months
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How did you hear about us?
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