Hokkaido Japanese Language Academy

Sapporo is the capital of Hokkaido, and it offers anything you may need from a big city but with the advantage of being surrounded by nature such as Shikotsu-Toya National Park. You'll be able to fully enjoy each season in a magical way while learning Japanese! There is no doubt that it is one of the best places to spend your summer in Japan, and you can also enjoy seasonal activities from trekking to winter sports, and events such as the famous Sapporo Snow Festival.

If you have a "compactly packed" image of Japan, Hokkaido is definitely the place to discover the Japan you never knew.

If you are a nature lover and feel more confident in a relatively small school, this is the place for you! The school will help you with your learning needs from short-term to long-term.

The school offers purpose designed courses and a wide variety of extracurricular activities.

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Key Information

A great combination of satisfying needs and enjoying the environment:

  • Different short-term courses tailored to what each season has to offer
  • Plenty of activities to make ever-lasting international friends
  • Variety of courses depending on the length of your stay, visa status, etc.

School Overview

Course Duration

From 1 month to 2 years (student visa available)



Course Starting Dates

April, July & October


Approx. 171 students (5 classrooms)


Nepalese, Sri Lankan, Vietnamese, Taiwanese, European, Noth American, Latin American, etc.


All levels welcome


Academic Advancement, Classroom Lesson, Short-Term Study Abroad, Private Lesson, etc.

Classes Schedule

From Monday to Friday:

Morning: 9:00 - 12:30

Afternoon: 13:30 - 17:00


Every 3 months

Please note that this is a general overview of the school. Do not hesitate to contact us by clicking the tab to your right if you have any questions regarding its courses, availability, etc.

School Fees

Academic Advancement Course

Total First Year: 765,000 JPY

Selection fee: 22,000 JPY (paid upon application)

Admission fee: 66,000 JPY

Facility fees: 77,000 JPY

Tuition fees: 600,000 JPY

Classroom Lessons (for residents)

Admission fee: 11,000 JPY

1 month (20 days): 51,500 JPY

2 months (40 days): 103,000 JPY

3 months (60 days): 151,500 JPY

Short-Term Course

Not offered on a regular basis

Please contact us for more information

Contact us for more information regarding the different courses and fees depending on your desired period of stay.

School Location

25-1-5, Kita 6 Jonishi, Chuo-ku, Sapporo, Hokkaido

5 minutes walk from Nishi-nijuhatchome Station (Exit 1)

Located in the heart of the amazing and lively city of Sapporo so you can enjoy everything Japan has to offer in just one place: culture, nature, fashion and much more!

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Duration of studies
Duration of studies
3 months or less
More than 3 but less than 6 months
More than 6 months
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How did you hear about us?
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