Genki JACS Fukuoka

Genki JACS' Fukuoka school is centrally located just minutes from Hakata Station, in the heart of Fukuoka City - a small, relaxed city with few foreigners, creating the perfect environment for immersion, forcing you to use your Japanese as much as possible. 

It is the only one from the Genki Group that offers long-term courses (student visa) as well as short-term courses. You can also socilise comfortably with your classmates in their facilities, play games or study thanks to their large and comfortable communal lounge.

You can choose from a variety of Japanese Language Courses with different number of lessons per week depending on your objectives for studying the language, such as improving your conversation skills, learning about the Japanese culture, etc.

Contact us and we will let you know which is the ideal course for you!

Key Information

You can choose different courses and classes depending on your desired time of studies, objectives and hobbies

  • Modern facilities with a variety of technology and hobbies available for everyone
  • Possibility to learn more than just Japanese language: traditional culture, pop culture, etc.
  • Small Class sizes: average of 4-8 students per class

School Overview

Course Duration

From 2 weeks up to 1 year



Course Starting Dates

Every Monday for short-term

January, April, July & October for long-term

Capacity & Courses

Approx. 150 students

(14 classrooms)

Small class sizes

(max. 8 students per class)


European, Americans, East-Asians, South-Americans, etc.


Beginners with knowledge of Hiragana are welcome


Standard Japanese, Japanese+Conversation, Japanese+Pop Culture, Japanese+Traditional Culture, Long-Term, Survival Japanese for Tourists, Private Classes, Summer Course

Classes Schedule

From Monday to Friday

50 minutes x 4: 9:30 - 12:20; 11:25 - 15:50; 14:05 - 17:45 (schedule varies according to courses)


Every 3 months

Please note that this is an overview of the school. Do not hesitate to contact us clicking the tab to your right if you have any questions regarding its courses, availability, etc.

School Fees

Short-Term Course (2 weeks to 6 months)

Application+materials fee: 21,500 JPY

Tuition fee (per week):

Standard Course: 32,500 JPY

Plus Course: 42,500 JPY

Long-Term Course (6 months to 1 year)

6 months: 590,000 JPY

12 months: 990,000 JPY

18 months: 1,390,000 JPY

Other Fees

Additional 50-minute private class: 6,500 JPY


Placement fee: 9,500 JPY

Weekly rent: from 15,000 JPY

School Location

Fukuoka School Address:

Hakataekihigashi 1-16-23,Hakata-ku, Fukuoka-shi 812-0013

4 minutes walk from Hakata Station

Located in the heart of Fukuoka, a city well-known for its climate, scenery, cuisine and shopping. Anything you need without the hassle of the big city.

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Duration of studies
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How did you hear about us?
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