Futaba College of Foreign Languages

Located in Chiba, a prefecture adjacent to Tokyo, Futaba College of Foreign Languages offers Japanese lessons as well as counselling for those that want to keep studying in Japan after graduation. To meet significantly different needs, the school teaches not only Japanese but also the Japanese culture, customs and manners to deepen the understanding of different cultures. You can apply for a student visa in order to study in this school or come with other types of visa.

They also offer elective lessons in order to prepare yourself for the JLPT and/or EJU tests, as well as for employment in Japan.

Contact us now for more information and availability. We are looking forward to helping you to start your new life adventure!

Key Information

Live and study nearby Tokyo while avoiding the hassle of the big city but enjoying its perks. Futaba College will offer you what it's stated below and much more!

  • Great variety of elective lessons depending on your objectives of study
  • Preparatory lessons for higher education available, including Maths, Science and English
  • Detailed guidance and support

School Overview

Course Duration

From 4 weeks to 2 years (student visa available)



Course Starting Dates

January, April, July & October


Approx. 446 students (13 classrooms)


Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese, Taiwanese, European, Filipino, Nepalese, etc.


Beginners with knowledge of Katakana & Hiragana are welcome

Elective Classes

JLPT, Japanese for daily life, Media, Japanese culture, Learn Japan through drama or anime, Business manners, & For employment

Classes Schedule

From Monday to Friday

Morning: 9:00 - 12:20

Afternoon: 13:25 - 16:45


Every 3 months

Please note that this is an overview of the school. Do not hesitate to contact us clicking the tab to your right if you have any questions regarding its courses, availability, etc.

School Fees

Short-Term Course 

Comprehensive/College Preparatory General Course:

Registration fee: 20,000 JPY

Tuition fee (from 4 to 8 weeks): 13,000 JPY/w

Tuition fee (from 8 to 20 weeks): 12,000 JPY/w

Short-Term Course 

College Preparatory Special/Graduate School Preparatory Course:

Registration fee: 20,000 JPY

Tuition fee (for 10 weeks): 165,000 JPY

Tuition fee (for 20 weeks): 330,000 JPY

Long-Term Course (1 year fees)

Comprehensive/College Preparatory General Course: 709,000 JPY

College Preparatory Special/Graduate School Preparatory Course: 829,000 JPY

School Location

2-6-8 Shinjuku, Chuo-ku, Chiba-shi, Chiba-ken, 260-0021

4 minutes walk from Chiba Station, 1 minute walk from Chiba Central Station

Conveniently located in the centre of Chiba with easy access to the airport, the school is very close to the main stations in Chiba, which provides easy access to Tokyo.

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Duration of studies
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How did you hear about us?
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